Видео: VEGA Conflict: Crossfire

Vega Conflict: Building My First Ragnarok Carrier!!! Crossfire Event Hype and More!!!

Back at it with some more vega conflict videos. Talking about the new crossfire event and prizes all while building my first ...

VEGA Conflict - Resurgence For All Has Arrived

Yes you read the title right, all ships now have Resurgence. The value is based on the Mk level of the ships, and if they have ...

VEGA Conflict 63 CrossFire

Фарм Дивизион Корпус "Демон" 63 на ивенте Crossfire.

Vega Conflict "Special Event"/Crossfire Fleets lvl 65

This special event featuring the Python cutter seems to have the same fleets as the Crossfire event if I remember correctly, they ...

Vega Conflict CROSSFIRE explication + tuto

Flotte universel Ragna Dread aurora/éco ( les 50 sont fesable avec un midgard venom)

Vega Conflict Planet Strike Entire 45 Vega armada insta rep

Hello again I though of making a video to help newbies get around in the game one lesson for granted is that if you want to get ...

Vega Conflict - How to kill level 40 Demon Corps Division with Carrier

This is easy way to kill level 40 Demon Corps Division in Scorched Earth and Crossfire event with any Carrier (except for Midgard) ...

Vega Conflict: Crossfire Prizes Claimed, Channel Update, NEW COMPUTER!

Just a quick update. I'll be getting back on the daily videos soon!

VEGA Conflict Crossfire: Volatile Fuel in Action against Demon Corps 60

The new Volatile Fuel (3) battleship-only special in action! NET torp 2, Vector torp 1, Arc missile 1 EDIT: I have improved and this ...

Vega Conflict bot CrossFire event done

Vega Conflict bot auto farm system - http://www.vcbot.net/

Vega Conflict: CROSSFIRE Division Demon Corps 53

Atacando lvl a 53 DMC, y aguantando el ataque a la base :D Música de fondo K-391 - Earth [NCS Release] ...

Vega Conflict - CROSSFIRE

Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/donaghy18.

VEGA Conflict Crossfire Easy 50s Strategy with Fury/Rag

this is easy enough to not hit any hotkeys during the battle. the fury battleships have net 3, which helps a lot. 50s are also forgiving ...

VEGA Conflict - CROSSFIRE event lvl 63 Demon corps - no damage/hit

You need .NET torp and very powerful battleships.. and a carrier ofc. ;) 1. align battleships, select lower cutter as primary ...

VEGA Conflict - Devastation

Fanmade event trailer I made since Kixeye didn't want too and I had too much free time. Despite not playing the game anymore, ...

CROSSFIRE on Vega Conflict - обзор, критика, мнение

Канал VEGA Conflict RU ЗАКРЫТ!!! НОВЫЙ КАНАЛ ТУТ http://youtube.com/GastRoLerGameLive #gastroler #vegaconflictru ...

[EVT: CROSSFIRE / SCORCHED EARTH] Demon Corps Division (65) w/ Decoy & Ragnozeals

How to kill level 65 VDC event fleets with instant repairs. VEGA Conflict: https://www.kixeye.com/game/vegaconflict.

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