Видео: Self Fusing Silcon Tape (DIY Practical Review) Maxwel KE30S


This type of self bonding wrap comes in various brands . I find it much better than standard electrical tape in many areas. My other ...

Better Than Duct Tape - Emergency Self Fusing Silicone Tape

Throw your electricians tape away. Forget duct tape. For repairs on electrical wires, radiator hoses, fuel lines, etc. nothing is better ...

Xtreme Tape Silicone Tape Test Repair and Review

An informal review and test repair of a automotive coolant line using Xtreme tape, a silicone repair tape.

Permatex How-to: Self-fusing Silicone Tape

Permatex Self-fusing Silicone Tape is an all-purpose repair tape that is made out of specially formulated silicone rubber and has ...

11 Tips To Use Silicone Tape

PENOSIL Premium Repair Tape - a Adhesive-free silicone tape Elastic, self-fusing silicone tape without adhesive, which bonds ...

Self Bonding Super Tape at Harbour Freight WOW!!! Works for me

This self-bonding super tape provides a firm hold in almost any situation, such as on a hot muffler or on a boiling radiator hose.

How To Use X-Treme Tape

Find Out How To Apply X-Treme Tape!

Silicone Tape (product demonstration)

Highly resistant, self-welding silicone tape for instant repairs and sealing applications.

“Repair Wrap” Super Strong Magic Tape with many uses

Is Repair Wrap any good, in the video I show how to use the wrap to bond a metal target holder back together. “Will it hold when ...

MIRACLE WRAP to stop pvc leaksfrom Keeney product don't work!!!

Tested this product and it failed to perform. Still leaking any suggestions!!.

Silicone Self Fusing Tape Review and Demo vs Electrical Tape

Review of use and demo of silicone self fusing tape versus standard electrical tape. Music: Kickin It by Jingle Punks.

Rescue Tape self-fusing silicone repair tape

Rescue Tape is SUPERCO Specialty Products' remarkable self-fusing silicone repair tape. Lab tested at 950PSI, Rescue Tape is ...

Sealey's Multi-Purpose Silicone Tape - ST5 Range

Demonstration of this impressive self-adhesive multi-purpose silicone tape. Perfect for your tool box. It is self-fusing silicone, ...

Easy hose repair-Self-fusing silicone repair tape

Im always looking for a quick fix to get things by until a proper repair ca be completed. This patch worked just fine on the hose and ...

The Magic of Silicone Tape for aircraft builders

Silicone tape has a number of useful roles in aiding experimental aircraft builders. A few unique applications of using this tape are ...

Quick Fix Tape

Quick Fix Tape bonds to itself and forms a waterproof permanent seal. It's ideal for emergency hose repairs, non-slip grip surface ...

Amalgamated Tape - how to use - where to buy

Where to use amalgamted tape, why to use amalgamated tape Buy from here: ...

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