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Audiotool Basics - Lesson 1-1

Learn the basics of creating a drum loop. http://www.audiotool.com/user/infyuthsion.

Beginner's Guide to Audiotool Next 2018

I show you the ropes. How to add samples, make a basic beat, add instruments and effects, and publish your track.

Creating your first song with Audio Tool

This training will help you create your first song with Audio Tool. It is fast, fun and you have the ability to create something fantastic!

Audiotool - Sharing/Exporting Your Track

For higher quality (free) videos please visit Sormena.org. In this video we finalize our little arrangement and bring up the level to a ...

Audiotool - Downloading, Cleaning, and Importing Samples

For higher quality (free) videos please visit Sormena.org. The focus of a lot of these videos is on what Audiotool does differently ...

Audiotool Beginner Tutorial 1- Loops

Hi, Its Laith here and throughout this video series I will be teaching all the people who have never been on Audiotool before the ...

Making a Basic Track

Making a Basic Track.

Audiotool Tracks - Solid State

Kick back with this melodic, uplifting trance track! http://www.audiotool.com/user/infyuthsion.

Audiotool.com 01 - Working with Audio Tracks

Luke explains in this video tutorial how to create and edit audio tracks with the Audiotool. Many more tutorials to come.

Audiotool Tracks - Program 0

Track Link: https://www.audiotool.com/track/program_0/ Made with Audiotool. Feel free to use this track under C.C. licence, just be ...

Audiotool Tracks - Alive

Track Page: https://www.audiotool.com/track/alive-slyfef/ Made with FL and Audiotool. Feel free to use this track under C.C. licence ...

Audiotool Tracks - Grimebot

A dirty, bitcrushed dubstep track I made in audiotool. http://www.audiotool.com/user/infyuthsion.

The Making of a D'n'B Track in Audiotool #1: The Intro

here's a short tutorial on making a Drum and bass track in audiotool, Enjoy!

TheeVirtuoso - Bass Intro in Audiotool

The second to last tutorial ( I lied ) which shows how to setup the Pulvasomething to get a good base sound and the intro to ...

Audiotool.com 12 - The Rasselbock

In this video Luke explains how to work with The Rasselbock and demonstrates some of the weird effects that it can create.

Audiotool Synths - Dubstep Yoybass

How to create vocal dubstep basses with a bitcrusher. http://www.audiotool.com/track/hxeawhvrknfp1plmggm5oxx0pkw0xg/0/

AUDIOTOOL - online music production studio

audiotool Audiotool is a free online DAW for making beats. The attention to detail on all of the devices is what first got me ...

AudioTool Full Project Example

https://www.sormena.org/ Full Course Introduction to Computer Music Creation (free) ...

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