Видео: Apache Metron in the Real World

Apache Metron in the Real World - Big Data and Cybersecurity, a Perfect Match by Dave Russell

In this session we'll be looking at a number of different organisations who are on their big data cybersecurity journey with Apache ...

Intro to Apache Metron

How data flows through the various components of Apache Metron.

Building a future-proof cyber security platform with Apache Metron

Qsight IT gives you insight in how we use Metron in securing our customers by continuously analyzing and monitoring users, ...


There have been many voices discussing how to architect streaming applications on Hadoop. Before now, there have been very ...

Apache Metron: Centralised Security Monitoring and Analysis with Big Data Technologies

Nik Lam, Ned Shawa http://linux.conf.au/schedule/presentation/162/ Apache Metron, formerly OpenSOC, integrates a variety of ...

Investigating Alerts in HCP

How to use HCP to filter, analyze, and investigate alerts.

Metron Parser Extension demonstration

A quick demonstration of creating and installing a Apache Metron Parser Extension NOTE: This functionality did NOT land in ...

HCP Alerts UI Demo Walkthrough v1 0

Demonstration of the Apache Metron Alerts UI

How to make a Meta Alert in Apache Metron 0.4.1

A quick demonstration of grouping into a meta alert in Apache Metron 0.4.1

METRON lève 8 millions d'euros ! - 19 Octobre 2018

METRON lève 8 millions d’euros pour accélérer sa croissance internationale et consolider son pôle R&D ! Plus d'infos sur ...

Apache Metron: Streaming Millions of Cyber Security Events per Second

Cyber security is all about drowning in data and not having enough people to keep up. Criminal organisation and nation states ...

Scalable and adaptable typosquatting detection in Apache Metron

Typosquatting is a form of cybersquatting (e.g. registering a domain that is similar to an existing domain) where a domain that is a ...

The death of enterprise security as know it - Pukhraj Singh

The enterprise security architecture is dying by a thousand cuts. The commercial security product landscape remains too ...

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